Welcome to the website for Plastic Free Winchester – a community action group in Winchester, Hampshire, UK.

We’ve called ourselves ‘Plastic Free Winchester’ not because we think it’s possible or desirable to be completely plastic free, but because ‘we would like our community to discard less single use plastic’ doesn’t fit so well on the logo…. 😉

By aiming high however, we hope to be inclusive and inspiring to all who would like to make small changes to their lifestyles, and to reduce the amount of single use and disposable plastic in our community.

There are many really good uses for plastic, which is a fantastic material that has transformed the world but you have to admit that we have become a little bit carried away with it. With recent raised public awareness of the problem, it’s time for us to look specifically what we as individuals, and as a community can do to reduce it’s use, when it’s not the only option. Plastic is not easily, or commonly recycled – especially in Winchester which has a lot of room for improvement on it’s recycling record. Recycling often however ‘downcycles’ the quality of the plastic, and is not the only answer to the large scale consumption of the earth’s resources and the subsequent pollution and degradation of our environment.

Our objectives is to make it easier to avoid excess single use plastic in every day life.

We are aiming to:

  • facilitate discussion of different options for shopping locally if you are avoiding plastic packaging
  • share ideas and inspiration for a different, less aquisitive lifestyle
  • lead and take part in social action and campaigns
  • collaborate with other local campaign and community groups to improve our local community and environment
  • target those little changes that will make a BIG impact, such as water bottles.

We’ll probably add to these, and change our approach as we learn more about the issues and how to tackle them.




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